10 Tips for Planning an Eco-Friendly Vacation

Create an Eco-Friendly Vacation with These Simple Tips

Have you been longing for a vacation but don’t want to damage the planet in the process? Don’t worry! It’s easier than you think to plan an eco-friendly trip. From booking the perfect accommodation to green eating and sightseeing, you can make eco-friendly choices each step of the way to have a guilt-free vacation. Here are our top 10 tips for planning an eco-friendly vacation:

1. Choose Green Accommodation

Whenever possible, choose a hotel, B&B, or vacation rental that has tracking systems and takes sustainable efforts to reduce its footprint. Look for hotels that specifically market themselves as eco-friendly or green, as they’re more likely to have taken meaningful steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

2. Travel by Public Transport, Car Pool or Bicycle

Try to avoid flying or travelling solo in a car as much as you can to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption. Taking public transport, carpooling with friends or family and even travelling by bicycle are all great ways of reducing your environmental impact while on vacation.

3. Eat Local and Seasonal Meals

Whenever you eat, it’s best to choose ingredients sourced locally and meals made up of seasonal produce. Not only is this food more likely to have a lower carbon footprint, it’s often healthier too! You can also shop at small, locally-owned grocery stores instead of the larger chain stores to support local businesses.

4. Rent Locally

Instead of staying in a hotel, consider renting a local home or condo for your stay. This means you get to support a local business and also enjoy all the comforts of having your own living space. Many of these homes may also come with features such as energy-saving devices and low-energy lighting, making it an even more eco-friendly choice.

5. Reuse Towels and Linen

This is a simple step but can make a big difference. Most hotels now make it easy for customers to request that their linen and towels don’t get changed each day, helping to save energy, water and chemicals.

6. Choose Eco-Friendly Attractions

Look for attractions that have taken steps to reduce their environmental impact, or offer eco-tours as an option. Many of these types of tours will encourage conservation and sustainability, and may offer activities such as tree planting, beach clean-ups and bird-watching.

7. Look for Organic, Fair Trade and Sustainable Merchandise

When choosing souvenirs or gifts to take home, look for locally-made souvenirs or gifts that are eco-friendly and ethically-sourced. This could include items such as organic cotton clothing, fair trade chocolates, locally produced crafts and many other items.

8. Say No to Plastics

Unfortunately, plastic pollution is a global epidemic and has been linked with the degradation of our environment and even human health. Whenever possible, say no to single-use plastics such as straws, disposable water bottles and plastic bags. Bring a reusable water bottle, travel mug and even produce bags with you on your travels to reduce your plastic consumption.

9. Invest in Reusable and Multi-Purpose Items

Bring a few multi-purpose items with you on your travels instead of individual products for each purpose. This could include items such as toiletry bags that can double as first-aid kits and a single knife that can be used for multiple tasks.

10. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

From your accommodation to the local attractions you visit, look for places that have taken the effort to use harmless, eco-friendly cleaning products. Not only does this help to protect the environment, but also to keep you, your family and others safe from potentially harmful chemicals.

Following these 10 tips will help you create an eco-friendly vacation that is both enjoyable and guilt-free. Making mindful, conscious decisions about the way you travel will ensure that you can relax, unwind and enjoy your travels, knowing that your vacation won’t be damaging the environment.

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