How to Create an Eco-Friendly Travel Itinerary

Creating an Eco-Friendly Travel Itinerary: Tips and Tricks to Make your Trip Sustainable

Are you looking to make sure that your next trip is sustainable and carbon-neutral? Creating an eco-friendly travel itinerary isn’t just about reducing your carbon footprint, but making sure that the places you visit are respected and the communities you meet benefit from your presence. Sustainable tourism is very important in 2020 and read on for some useful tips on how to make your next trip eco-friendly:

1. Research Responsible Tour Companies and Operators

If you’re considering a tour then do your due diligence and make sure you’re booking with an operator that cares about the environment and make an effort to minimize the environmental impact of their itineraries. Look for companies that are taking measures such as offsets, training, and reducing their carbon emissions. You should also contact them ahead of time to make sure they have competent guides with local knowledge that can give you an insight into the destination and its culture.

2. Always Choose Sustainable Accommodations

Look out for hotels, hostels or resorts that have sustainability policies in place. You should look into their environmental practices, energy efficiency, waste management, and whether they are actively working to improve their sustainable credentials. This could include simple things such as reducing water wastage and energy usage or more altruistic activities like reforestation, protecting local wildlife and ethically sourcing produce.

3. Get Around by Foot or Bicycle

One of the most sustainable methods of transport is on foot and it’s also a great way you can explore a destination in-depth. Choose walking and bicycle tours for getting around your destination. Not only are these eco-friendly forms of transport but you won’t miss out on any of the sights and sounds and you’ll be able to get close to locals who can give you an insight into the culture and tell you their stories.

4. Support Local Companies

Try and support local businesses whilst you’re there and buy souvenirs and souvenirs that have been ethically and sustainably sourced. Eating in local restaurants is also a great way to enjoy the culture and get to know local people. When you visit a new place you should aim to leave a positive impact and ensure your trip is respectful rather than disruptive.

5. Respect the Environment and Show Respect

The most important thing on an eco-friendly trip is to respect the environment and its people. Limit your usage of water, energy and other resources and be mindful of your actions wherever you’re visiting. Take an active stance against littering, polluting the oceans and polluting the air. Show respect for places of worship, monuments and other culturally significant sites. And finally, leave a positive impact on the communities you meet by supporting local projects and leaving a donation if appropriate.

Creating an eco-friendly travel itinerary is not only a good way for reducing your own carbon footprint but also for showing respect for the environment and the people you meet. Following these tips and sustaining your sustainable travel practices over time will help make sure that your next trip is an eco-friendly and sustainable experience.

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