How to have a good hen house?

To start raising chickens, it is essential to invest in the acquisition or construction of housing facilities. Indeed, these will serve as habitat for your animals and will allow you to better manage them. You want to start this profitable business and you have difficulties in choosing the right enclosures? Learn more about the different types of chicken houses and the options you have to get them.

Opt for models available on the market

On the market, you will find mainly wooden and plastic chicken coops. Wooden chicken coops are cheaper and can last a long time. However, it will need to be well maintained in order to limit red lice invasions. Plastic enclosures are less popular, but are still one of the best alternatives.

Indeed, it is easy to clean and you won’t have to put much effort. It is durable and does not pollute if you do not throw it anywhere. On the other hand, the price of the chicken coop can vary depending on several parameters. The dimensions and the raw materials used for manufacturing are the main criteria of choice.

You will find cheap pens on the market. You can expect to pay between 200 and 300 euros for a quality hen house. Apart from these affordable varieties, you will also find chicken coops made of sheet metal, bricks, wire mesh and pallets.

Making a chicken coop out of pallets

If you can’t afford to buy a chicken coop, you can build one yourself from pallets. It is an economical material, strong, durable and easy to handle. As far as the architecture is concerned, all you have to do is let your imagination run wild. For example, you can gather the pallets in a square to form the structure of the enclosure. Also, instead of using them as a block, you can dismantle them and recover the boards.

This will allow you to make the hen house you want. In the construction plan, do not forget to insert a space for laying and sleeping. Also include a place for the equipment needed for the layout. Also, think about the ventilation system. To succeed in these tasks, online tutorials will guide you if you are not strong in DIY.

All in all, there are several options available to you if you want to have a good hen house. For example, you can opt for wooden or plastic chicken coops. However, if you’re good at DIY, you can make some pens out of pallets.

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