How to make an eternal rose?

You like to add a natural touch to your home, but you can’t stand to see your beautiful flowers wilt in just 3 or 4 days? Why not choose the eternal rose? It’s a flower like no other, because it stays natural, fresh and beautiful for months, even years. Moreover, it requires no maintenance or daily watering. While eternal roses are available in physical stores and online, you can make your own eternal rose.

What exactly is an eternal rose?

A beautiful bouquet of fresh and fragrant roses bought from a florist only keeps its beauty after 2 or 3 days, it fades, and it is not pleasant to look at anymore unfortunately. The solution to avoid this is to take a natural rose under a bell which is also called a stabilized rose. This flower has the particularity to last for years, it is possible, because its sap is substituted by a substance allowing to freeze its beauty. This substance is made from glycerin and water. Note that glycerin is a natural sugar, it does not alter the rose, because there is no toxic or chemical product. Also, it is a method of stabilization adapted to all plants.

To make by oneself its eternal rose

To make by oneself an eternal rose is simple and not expensive. Indeed, all you need is vegetable glycerin, water and a natural rose. If you plant roses in your garden, take only one flower, otherwise go to the florist. However, it should not be fully opened so that the petals do not fall off during the manufacturing process. But still, it must be freshly cut. Concretely, here are the steps to follow to make a natural rose. Start by choosing your rose (color, species…) then, cut the stem diagonally at an angle of 45 ° with a pruning shears or a knife. The stem should not be more than 15 cm long. Afterwards, remove all the green leaves. Now, take a vase, mix 200 ml of water and 100 ml of vegetable glycerin in it, and put in the rose you want to make eternal. Leave it until the mixture evaporates completely.

An eternal rose with a color of your choice

Do you have a favorite color? You can color your homemade eternal rose with your favorite color. Otherwise, it is also perfect to match this natural plant to your decoration, to make it more striking or more original. To dye the eternal rose, take a white rose, it is the condition for the dyeing to be more marked. Cut the stem at 45°, remove all the leaves, and put the rose in a vase filled with water. Then prepare the colored water, that is 120 ml of warm water and 20-30 drops of liquid water paint or food coloring. Then put the rose in this solution, wait a few hours to see the result. Finish by replacing the colored water with the glycerin and water mixture.

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