The interest of a GPS tracker for the agricultural sector

In the agricultural sector, the theft of equipment, tools and machinery necessary for agriculture and livestock is in large numbers. To avoid unpleasant surprises, there are now GPS trackers specially made for the agricultural sector. It is a good investment when you know that agricultural equipment is very expensive to buy. If you are a farmer, discover the interest of having GPS trackers.

GPS in the agricultural world

GPS is a geolocation system that indicates the position and time signals of people or objects on our planet. Equipped with a receiver and a transmitter, it works thanks to satellites orbiting the earth. The data is decrypted by navigation software capable of communicating the location, speed of travel … The GPS has conquered almost all areas of our lives, and recently, it has also invaded the agricultural sector. The GPS tracker as at khiko allows you to secure your valuable agricultural equipment. You will protect them against theft. You can put it on all your equipment: tractors, trailers, telescopic handlers, threshing machines, harvesters, forage harvesters, ploughs, seeders… In order not to pierce the structure of the latter, the fixing of the plotter uses VHB (Very High Bond) type glue, but not screws. It is just as effective as screws. The monitoring is done from your smartphone through a dedicated application, just program it. In case of suspicious movements of your farm equipment, it sends alerts by email or SMS. If they are stolen, if they leave the predefined perimeter, you can follow them on the road map thanks to the GPS tracker. This device works throughout Europe.

The importance of the GPS tracker

The use of a GPS tracker for the agricultural sector offers multiple advantages for farmers. It optimizes the yield while lowering production costs. With this device, it is possible to establish a precise mapping of the cultivation areas. This allows to know exactly the quantity of inputs needed according to the type of crop and the characteristics of the soil. It also saves money. In addition to providing the right amount of inputs to the crops, it prevents tractor drivers or automated machines from going over the same spot or forgetting certain areas. It allows for a better organization of the work. Therefore, agricultural work is done quickly and at a lower cost. It also improves working conditions. Thanks to the GPS tracker, farmers make fewer mistakes. They can even work at night without making mistakes.

Good to know

It should be noted that in US, every year, nearly 500,000 machines are stolen in the agricultural and construction sectors. For farmers, this leads to big financial losses, especially since, with the crisis, expenses are increasing while turnover is decreasing. Let’s also mention the loss of income due to the lack of machines to use. For all these reasons, wouldn’t it be wise to use a GPS tracker? It is important to know that in less than 24 hours, stolen machines cross borders, and 60% of them are returned to their owners in less than a day following the declaration of theft. However, the existing solutions only work if the agricultural machinery in question is in motion. Thus, it is impossible to locate them if they are on a truck. To overcome this concern, there are now connected GPS trackers equipped with multiple recent communication technologies. They alert in real time, and it only remains for the owners to confirm or not the theft.

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