The Top Language Learning Resources to Look Out For in 2023

Previewing the Best Language Learning Resources for 2023

As part of language learning, we need to look for helpful resources that can make the process easier and more enjoyable. In 2023 it is expected that these resources will become even more valuable, evolving and advancing to give learners the best possible experience. Here, we present the most promising language learning resources that your language learning journey should be budgeting for in 2023.

1. Language Learning Apps

In the world of technology, best-in-class language-learning apps are becoming quite popular. With popular apps such as Duolingo, Babbel, LinguaLift, and Rosetta Stone, learners can get a jumpstart on their language journey. The modern language-learning app protocol allows users to get personalized feedback and have their language learning journey tailored to them, no matter their budget. As technology advances, this trend is only going to become more popular.

2. Online Communities

One of the best language learning resources right now are online language learning platforms. Platforms like Livemocha, Conversation Exchange, and My Language Exchange are great for finding native speakers and practice conversation with people who are learning the same language. With social networking features, language learning communities also allow learners to engage in real conversations with other language learners while building relationships and gaining a feeling of linguistic community.

3. Live Speaking Sessions

Live speaking sessions are an incredibly valuable language learning resource. Live speaking classes provide the ability for learners to practice and receive real-time feedback on their speaking skills. This can help those learning a language to gain confidence and improve their fluency. Language-learning websites often offer live speaking classes in addition to their courses and other learning materials. In 2023, this resource will become even more helpful as technology allows for more interactive sessions with real-time feedback and conversations.

4. Audio and Video Materials

For those more interested in audio and video materials, there are some excellent language learning resources available in 2023. Podcasts are one of the best sources of audio materials, with a variety of topics and levels to choose from. There are also audio lessons offered on language learning websites, as well as videos on YouTube and other platforms. Video material is especially helpful for visual learners, who can gain an understanding of language and cultures while watching tutorials.

5. Language Learning Software

For those more interested in software than other resources, language learning software is an excellent option. This software can be used for its variety of built-in activities like grammar and vocabulary drills, in addition to various language games and activities. It also includes the ability to create flashcards and quizzes, so learners can continue to challenge themselves and stay motivated even outside of their regular classes.


These are the 5 must-have language learning resources you should budget for in 2023 – language-learning apps, online communities, live speaking classes, audio and video materials, and language learning software. Whether you’re a student, traveler, or hobbyist, these language learning resources are essential for anyone looking to increase their knowledge and understanding of foreign languages. With the right resources and a bit of dedication, you can make the most out of your language learning journey in 2023.

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