What is the purpose of a strut on a fence?

To secure a house or to delimit a perimeter, one always uses a fence. And for this, all materials can be used. For example, there are plastic fences, barred fences or the most classic fence: the wooden fence. But, whatever the type of fence chosen, especially if it is a flexible fence, it is important to install a strut. The installation of a strut will give the fence more strength. What is the purpose of a strut? Which strut to choose for a fence? We talk about it in this article.

Struts, everything you need to know

In general, struts are metal bars. But in some installations, there are some that are made of cement or even wood. The struts are attached to the corner posts and tensioning posts. Most of the time, struts are installed to prevent the posts from bending under the stresses of the fence. The installation of a strut can be complicated if you are not familiar with DIY. Indeed, it is necessary to follow precise measurements so that it is well fixed. To do this, you must take the strut and attach it by the upper end to 2/3 of the post (corner post or recovery post). The other end will be driven into the ground at a 45° angle to the column. To prevent the strut from sinking further, it would be ideal to place a brick in the hole as a support. Once this is done, concrete can be poured to hold the whole thing together: post and strut. When it comes to struts, there are quite a few suppliers.

How to determine the size of the strut?

It is important to choose the right strut. First of all, it must be the same length as the post. For the installation, it must rest at 1/3 of the height of the post by forming an angle of 45°. To be more concrete, we will take an example. We will say that we are going to install a fence with a height of 1.50m. For this, we must provide posts of 2m minimum since the 50 cm will be driven into the ground. Then, the struts must also be 2m. In short, the size of the strut will be the same as the post. During the installation of the fence, the post and the strut are linked. Depending on the customer’s wishes and needs, the struts can be designed in different shapes, sizes and colors. And regardless of the type of strut: metal, round, wooden post, gate, etc. it must be said that they all have the same advantages (solid, versatile, aesthetic, practical …). What is the purpose of a strut? It offers more resistance to the fence.

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