What kind of fence should I use to delimit my farmland?

You are a farmer and you need to fence your land? Unfortunately, the choice of the fence is not so simple because this kind of ground is generally very large and thus very expensive to delimit.
But rest assured, there are fences that are available at low prices and that will allow you to delimit your land.

Low cost single twist flexible fencing

The single twist fence is the precursor of all the current fences, it bears its name well because of its simple manufacture and easy installation.
This type of flexible fence allows you to get by for a relatively low price, this product is sold between 5€ and 20€ per linear meter.
Of course, the price depends on the retailer, the range and the height of the selected fence.
The installation of this kind of product is quite easy to do without necessarily being an expert and you can adapt to all kinds of grounds, a good thing that will help you limit the overall cost of your fence.
On the other hand, this style of fence does not really secure your land, it will limit the passage of animals and will be a deterrent.

Rigid welded wire mesh: a quality fence

The second solution to delimit your land is to use rigid fencing.
These are sturdy panels that are fixed with stakes in concrete blocks, so the installation work is a little more elaborate.
However, it is still quite simple and feasible without being a fence installation professional, so you can also do without paying for the work.
As for the price of the fence itself, count on an average of 25$ depending on the supplier, the height and the range chosen.
In return for this extra cost, you can count on a strong and durable fence that will surely prove less expensive over time (no need for repair or replacement).
This fabulous rigid fence is sold at low prices at many retailers such as National fence, discount fence, France fence …

The agricultural fence: The discount solution

The last option that could suit you to delimit very long distances, the agricultural fence, also called sheep fence.
This kind of fence is as basic as possible, made of steel without paint, with large mesh, flexible, it is simply there to delimit and not to protect.

Sometimes this solution is sufficient, and you can count on a price defying all competition because this fence is sold on average at 5€ per linear meter.
This price is extremely low and therefore suitable to delimit kilometers of agricultural land with brilliance.

Choose the best solution to meet your expectations

Be careful not to rush towards the cheapest fence possible and take your needs into account.
If you have no other choice and your budget does not allow it, it is advisable to opt for sheep fencing, but if you are able to afford it, rigid fencing will provide more effective security and be more durable.

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